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Freesat is a non-subscription satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV. It works just like Sky in that it uses a satellite dish and receiver, except there is no option to receive paid-for channels. It is a completely free service.

How many channels are available?

Currently there are around 150 channels available on freesat.

Can I use my Sky dish?

Yes. There is no difference between a Sky dish and a freesat dish. Sky has their own branded dish that needs a specific LNB, so check if buying spare parts, but either dish can be used for freesat or Sky.

What will I need to use my recordable receiver?

You will need to make sure you have two cables running from your dish, and at least a twin LNB.

Will I need to do anything different in order to get HD?

You will need a HD ready TV and a HD freesat receiver but no special dish or LNB.

Will I be able to receive freesat wherever I am?

Providing you have a good sized dish (54cm for parts of the UK, up to 240cm for parts of Spain – see our Satellite footprints page for details), a satellite receiver and line of sight to the South you will be able to receive satellite TV. It is not like terrestrial where you depend on land based transmitters and thus the availability varies across the country.

Will I be able to use my TV aerial?

No. Definitely not. Freesat and Freeview get confused a lot. Freesat needs a satellite dish, Freeview needs an aerial.

Is freesat the same as Freesat from Sky?

Like freesat, Freesat from Sky can be obtained without a subscription by buying the right equipment. You would receive a similar number of channels. The only difference is who you’re getting it from and what sort of receiver you need. For more information please see our Freesat from Sky page.